Accessible, Affordable, Professional

There is no doubt that a full-time professional coach would help us all fulfil our potential, but as amateurs, it isn’t an option. So we have devised the most flexible coaching support to allow you to tailor it to your needs. 

You can have everything from a full support package where we draw up a comprehensive training programme with you to match your goals and current level then meet, in person or online, regularly to review progress. We can include practical sessions to work on technique or simply push you a little harder.

At the other end of the scale, some of our members just need a little technical guidance. The most common area is swimming, where proper technique is paramount.

How it works - Full Support

Step 1

After an initial discussion, we carry out a thorough review of your goals and current state of fitness and ability. We can do it in person, possibly at a swimming pool or running track depending on your needs, or online.

We will look at your race history, current times, physical health, work and family demands and anything else that might impact on your training.

Step 2

We will set some training goals designed to build your fitness to peak for your “A” races and then draw up an outline training plan, periodised to build endurance, strength and speed ready for the season.

Step 3

We draw up individual training sessions for the week or month ahead. We will review your progress on a weekly or monthly basis and adjust the overall schedule and the individual sessions as required.

Step 4

You train, and together we review progress either on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your needs. If you are training less than 7 hours a week, we suggest that a monthly review is probably sufficient. If you’re training more than 7 hours and aiming at something like serious national age-group competition then more frequent (but shorter) reviews will likely be sensible.

Step 5

You shatter your previous personal best.

It goes without saying that while weekly or monthly reviews are scheduled at specific times if you have other problems or queries, I am only a phone call, SMS or email away. I regard these as part of the service (within reason) and will respond as fast as I can.

One-off Technique Sessions

At the other end of the scale, these can represent massive value in training terms. Swimming running and cycling can all result in exponential gains from small changes in technique.

“Individual” technique sessions can be pure 1-2-1, but we can also do them as 1-2-2. Since the coach does not need to observe you 100% of the time, you lose little by bringing along a training buddy. Having more than two people to watch does have a significantt impact since the coach has to work hard at visualising what’s going to work for each athlete and keeping more than two in mind becomes confusing.

How it works - Ad Hoc

Generally, people take a block of 4 sessions since the aim is usually to sort a technical issue and it takes time to unlearn bad habits, adopt new ones and ingrain them as muscle memories. The challenge is compounded by the need to fix multiple issues each of which has a knock-on effect. However you can if you wish book a single session.

Step 1