Make Tuesday mornings terrific with an early swim coaching session at Basingstoke Aquadrome

Basingstoke Aquadrome

Join the fun and friendly Basingstoke Savage's whilst you improve your frontcrawl.

If you:

aAre over 17 years old
aCan swim 200m in under 6 minutes or 400m in under 13m
aAre looking to improve your technique
aAre wanting to develop endurance, power and speed

Then sign up and we'll see you at the pool between 07.15 and 08.10

If you are already registered with the website you can simply sign in by clicking the button below. 

If not then you can register simply by clicking the Facebook button; alternatively, you can fill in your details.

£23 per month for Tuesday swimming or £29 to join any of our sessions (swimming, cycling, running held throughout the week) 

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