Club Members Strength Conditioning and Flexibility

Great to have you sign up for these exercise videos. They are designed to help build your fitness and complement your endurance training.

We will provide you with 8 exercises each week, the first 4 aimed at Strength and Conditioning (S&C) and the second 4 are designed to develop flexibility.

We suggest you do the S&C two to three times a week adjusting the sets and reps to suit your current level of fitness.

These static stretches are designed to lengthen and loosen the muscles. Both cycling and running tend to shorten your muscles making them more prone to injury and reducing the power they can deliver.

Flexibility in the back and shoulders, in particular, is essential for good swimming technique. While swim training sessions build strength they also reduce flexibility.

We suggest you do the stretches 3 or 4 times a week.

Accessing the exercises

In order to view them you will need to download the PhysiApp using the links below:




Login Details

When you go to the app or weblink use the code giquuqjz and insert your date of birth as 2000