Booking system

The restrictions imposed by Covid 19 mean that we are restricted in the numbers that can train together.

For most sessions, you will be able to book a week ahead although a few will be accessible further ahead. You will be able to see those that are actually bookable plus the next one following it. You will also be able to see the number that have been scheduled.

Please use the system and if after booking a slot you find you cannot make it please cancel online as early as possible.

Bike Sessions

While the restrictions forced by Covid 19 mean that there are no official training sessions planned at the moment some of our members are planning some informal group rides for the weekends. 

Note that they are not "official" sessions so you will be responsible for dealing with any problems yourself - in other words, have spare inner tubes and know how to change them and carry out basic running repairs. Note you are also responsible for your own insurance.

Check back here for more information in the next few days.


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