Zoom Turbo Training

Basingstoke Aquadrome

Turbo Training with a Professional Coach
Plus Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility Programme

The training session previously only available to Members of Dave Savage Sports

Avoid bad weather
Avoid dark nights
Train with a professional coach
In a sociable atmosphere 
And save on travelling time 

Our club members have been enjoying the benefits of online Turbo Training for a while. We are now opening it up to non-members.

Let's face it; winter bike training has its problems! Cold, wet, dark nights are not ideal. Being out in the wind and rain on your own is not fun. 

There is an alternative, join one of our fun turbo sessions. 

Did I really say fun? Well, you'll sweat like it was summer in the desert as Dave drives you through one of his carefully crafted sessions. But you're part of a group with all the banter you get among a bunch of friends. Dave is there, giving encouragement and support. He can even answer questions during the session, and he is always available at the end.

The sessions are carefully calibrated to build strength, power and endurance ready for speed work as the racing season approaches. And by training as a group, it's easier to stay motivated.

Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility Programme

We also include a strength and conditioning app which you can use to target the key areas of fitness so often overlooked by endurance athletes. These will not only improve your performance but help to keep you injury-free!

Register with the website by clicking the Facebook button; alternatively, or you can fill in your details. We'll then take you to the programme sign-up. Incidentally, we ask for your year of birth on that page purely to log you into the fitness app. - Sorry, you won't get a birthday present from us.

£9.99 per month (first week free)

Weekly Sessions - Mondays 7.00pm
Feel free to cancel at any time

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